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Facilities list
  • CNC Leadwell Turning Center with Fanuc Control

  • CNC Haas Mini Mill Machining Center With Automatic 10 Pocket Tool Changer

  • Cadillac Knee Mill with .0005" accuracy and Digital Read Out

  • Hardinge Lathe with Threading Attachment

  • Acra Surface Grinder with Magnectic chuck

  • Virtual Gibbs software and Autodesk Fusion 360 for programming CNC Machines (File ext. IGES, STEP and others) 

  • Micro-Vu Q-16 Specra Ground Optical Comparator with Edge Finder

  • Mitutoyo Tool Makers Microscope with .000050" Accuracy and Digital Read Out

  • Bausch and Lomb Stereomicroscope with a Nikon Fiber Optics Light

  • Nikon V-12 A Optical Comparator with Mitutoyo Digital readouts, 20x, 50x,100x lens plus Overlay

  • Swift Stereomicroscopeon on a boom for Micro-Machining

  • Centering Microscope (Titan 10x)

Manufacturing Equipment

Quality Control Inspection Equipment

Augmented by assortment of indicators and support including Granite plates, Pin gauge sets, Thread gauges, Full sets of Guage blocks, Calipers, Micrometers.

  • Digital Weigh-Tronix Scale and parts counter

  • Marco Radius Scope

  • Glass Bead tumbler

  • Cyclone Blasting System (Bead Blaster)

  • Vibritory Tumblers with one 10" diameter bowl and one 17" diameter bowl

Miscellaneous Equipment

Plus extensive support equipment including 100 various size mandrills, Diamond polishing compounds ranging from .05 micron to 15.0 micron and related tooling.

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